Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 recap

We had a pretty busy 2010. I started the sonography program at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in the summer of '09. I LOVE IT! Well, let me make myself clear. I don't especially love the paper writing, test taking, busy work, not enough sleep part of it. However, I DO love clinic! I am learning so much and getting so excited to start a career that I think I might just be great in! The OU program prepares me for all fields of sonography: OB, pelvic (uterus, ovaries, cervix - oh my!), general (kidneys, livers, gallbladders, etc), Cardiac (hearts-my favorite, by far!), vascular (blood vessels from your head to your toes), and everything in between. It's so much to learn, but I really enjoy it! I have met people from all walks of life. My favorite people to scan are the lil' ones! If I can land a job at a children's hospital this summer (once I'm finally finished with school) I will be a happy, happy gal!

Jeremy is still working at Walgreens as an EXA. He works lots of long hours so that I can finish school and start a career that I love. I cannot express just how lucky I am to have Jeremy. He is so patient, loving, and he doesn't complain a bit about his long hours at a job he doesn't love! When I FINALLY finish, it's his turn! He wants to get into teaching and coaching. He's working on his alternative teaching certification right now. I can't wait until he gets to start doing something he loves, as well. In the mean time, he works - too much! In his spare time Jeremy loves hanging out with our friends, playing softball, and he's in every fantasy league available. OH - and he and a couple friends started this awesome new website. It's called Fanjoe. It's a social network kind of like Facebook, but for the sports lover. He has been working so hard on the website and they're doing a great job, so far! I am really proud of all the work he has put into it. (Here's where I plug it-->) Fanjoe.com    WHERE THE FANS GO!!!

School and work aside. A big part of our life lately has been baby frustration. We want to have a whole flock of kiddos. (Jeremy would like enough to set an infield). This part of life hasn't come as easily as other things for us. I have endometriosis and getting pregnant has been an unachievable dream for me thus far. I get some pretty painful cysts and have had a couple surgeries to try to get the baby factory in working order. So far, no luck. I am on a shot right now called Lupron that basically blasts me into menopause for a while. (Which reminds me, PLEASE pray for Jeremy's sanity.) Why you ask? With the menopause-like state, comes menopause-like symptoms.....hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, etc. Jeremy is so patient with me and just hugs me when I cry at commercials. Ha! But seriously, I cry at commercials....and tv shows, and movies...because I love the dog....I think you're starting to get the picture. I just took the first of six monthly shots. It's really not THAT bad, I am just super emo while I'm on them. I think I might dye my hair jet black and put on excessive amounts of eyeliner.

For now, our only child is Chloe Abbigail Griffin - a fat, beautiful drooling child that sleeps right in between us every night. (which probably doesn't really help the baby situation, haha). We love her more than anyone should love a dog! She's my pseudo-child for now.

I'll stop here for now, and post some pics that sum up a little of our last year.

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