Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a great day!

Day #3 of cancelled class. The first two stunk a little because Jeremy had to drive in the Oklahoma blizzard to work. I was home alone. It was a good time to get some school work done and snuggle the puppy! I didn't get as much done as I should have, but hey - no class tomorrow either! We are supposed to get more snow early next week so I'm wondering what my schedule will be like. I am truly ready to get back to clinic. I don't want to miss out on too many days at the Imaging Center because I really like it!

My day started in the best way possible. The scent of apple cinnamon pancakes woke me up after 10:00. Niiiice! They were delicious. I'm so glad Jeremy is a breakfast guy. After pancakes we sat around for a while and then had a blast out in the snow. PS...building a snowman isn't nearly as easy as you might think. You don't just roll a tiny snowball across the snowy ground and watch it grow big just like they do it in the cartoons, trust me. We worked hard on the little guy for a while and moved on to snow angels, then moved right into base jumping off the curb and face planting in the snow. Fun times!!! (Side note: I accidentally wrote "we started free basing off the curb...ha. That involves a whole different form of white powdery substance if I'm not mistaken. Glad I caught that little gem!) After snowville we made the icy trip to Wal Mart. I was pumped. I haven't left the house since I went to clinic on Monday and I was honestly getting a little bit stir crazy! After wandering around for a bit, we grabbed a movie from a RedBox and came home.

Jeremy and I smoked the Williams sisters in a tough match of Wii tennis. My shoulder is sore....I guess that explains my workout level at this point of my life - I'm not proud of it. Jeremy is still going strong in his journey through the Australian open. He's bouncing around the livingroom and talking crap to all the little Wii-folks. (it's really pissing off the dog)  Next stop, chicken spaghetti for dinner. We plan to wrap up the day with a little champagne and a scary movie. This is the best, happiest day I have had in a while. I love Jeremy more than words can explain. I'm such a lucky lady.

I hope everyone is making the best of this winter wonderland. If we ever develop the skillset needed to erect a giant snowman, I'll post pics IMMEDIATELY!  Love you friends and family!

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