Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break in review....

 Today is the last official day of spring break and I wish I could rewind to Monday and do it all over again! At the same time, I'm looking forward to pounding out these next eight weeks. I'm so ready to be finished with school.

I was pretty lazy the first few days. Monday night I kicked my butt into gear - I cleaned and did ALL the laundry. Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Bartlesville to scan a few hearts. I haven't done an echo since I left Bartlesville several weeks ago. I'm headed to St Francis cardiac after spring break so I didn't want to show up and look like an idiot. I had forgotten how much I loved clinic at Bartlesville. Everyone there was so nice and the atmosphere was so relaxed, a lot like the Imaging Center. I'd love to land such a non-stressful job. (crossing my fingers!)

Oh yeah, rewind. To kick off spring break I joined the Zeka family for a trip to the lakehouse. They recently bought a lake house on Monkey Island at Grand Lake. It's gorgeous! It's not just any regular old weekend spot. It's called Chalet de Sicily. There are amazing blown up beach pics of Sicily all over the lakehouse. They are in the process of transplanting her bedroom from their home to the lakehouse. It's perfect! I went down and helped paint the walls the same bright pink color that is on her bedroom walls in BA. You really feel surrounded by Sicily when you're there and I absolutely love it. On Friday night I even dreamed about the little firecracker. On Saturday morning we took a walk around the area and it was BEAUTIFUL! I could spend every weekend there and be perfectly content. Saturday morning we sat out on the balcony, drank hot tea, and watched the deer, squirrels, and even a little fox run around outside. They said we could visit any time we want. I'm hoping that Jeremy and I can make a quiet trip down some time soon!

I spend some time at Haikey Creek last night. Jeremy is in a men's softball league where his team name is I'd Hit That. I'm proud to say that I came up with that. I'm not proud to say that they are the only tacky named team in the league....the church league. My bad. It's pretty funny to watch grown men get so excited to play every Thursday night. Last week was their first game of the season. He set out his uniform that day like a 12 year old girl getting ready for the first day of school. Ahhh, he makes me laugh. The guys on his team are pretty entertaining. Two other wives and I sat and watched both games and came up with nicknames for the guys. So far they are all food names so I'm thinking we were just hungry while we were watching. So far we have Taco, Beans, Donut, Frank and Bens (yeah, Bens-not beans) and Chocolate Thunder. I need a good food name for Jeremy. Someone suggested Five Dollar Foot Long because he's so friggin tall. I quickly shot that one down because I know he'd take in a completely different direction. Any other ideas?

I'm going to enjoy these last few days and then sprint the final straightaway of school. Oh, side note- I get to go to the Human Body Symposium tonite. I'm so excited!!! Hope you all have a great weekend. I love you friends and family!

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