Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm a proud member of the OU Alumni! Boomer Sooner!!

 I graduated! I'm so happy and relieved! It was such a great weekend.
We went to Norman friday night with the puppy in tow. A bunch of family came up to Norman to watch the big event. My groupies included my mom, stepdad, Dad, Edie (pronounced Eeeeedie) and Christopher (dad's gal and her son), Val (my sister), Zach and Elijah (my nephews), Bill and Amanda (brother and his wife), Don and Debs (parent-in-laws), Aunt Debbie (self explanitory), My Love, and my puppy. It was such a fun weekend. We got there Friday evening and met Dad, Edie and Christopher at their hotel and went out to dinner. We were so lucky to find a pet-friendly hotel so we could leave Chloe to relax in front of the TV while we ran errands. Anyway, we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. Our waitress was adorable but she made me ride the saddle while the restraunt congratulated me on my graduation. We retired back to the hotel in time to watch the Thunder drop a heart breaker. (In better news, they came back to win game seven on Sunday night when we got back to Tulsa - THUNDER UP!!!!!!)

Saturday afternoon the rest of the gang got to Norman. The gals went shopping, the guys talked sports. We all went to eat a Johnny Carrinos and then headed to graduation. It was a huge mess! There we more people there than seats to put them in. I mean A LOT more people than seats. Hundreds of people were sitting outside of Catlett music hall, some in tears. They ended up seating family in the place where we were supposed to sit. They kicked faculty off the stage and some how my entire family ended up sitting there. Yes, on the stage. My family will forever be in everyone's graduation pics. Random. We were really lucky, some family members didn't get to see their graduates walk the stage - SAD!! None of the graduates got to see any of the ceremony. We basically waited in a hall and walked through single file just long enough to shake hands and get our degree (holders...not the real thing yet). My wonderful friend Jackie came too! I hadn't seen her in over a year and it meant the world to me to see her when I walked in! Overall, the ceremony was a pooh-storm. But I honestly don't care!! I graduated! I had so many people there to support me. It was a wonderful weekend. I start my new job at St Francis Heart Hospital any day now. Still waiting on HR crap to work itself out. Until them, I'm cleaning like crazy. I'm cleaning out cabinets, getting rid of clothes, CLEANING!! It feels so good! Hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather!! Love you all!

                                                                 Me and My Love
                                                             Me and Mom
                                                                My class minus 4
                                                         Dad, Edie, and Chris
                        Me with Val, Zach and Eli...it was Eli's 13th bday!
                                       Me with Bill and Amanda
                                                        me and Aunt Debbie
                                                 Me and Dr Boyce
                                  Chloe living it up at the hotel
                               Hanna, Me, Mai and Debs...the Tulsa ladies
Me and My Love

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